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Impulse Automation

Impulse Automation is a global supplier of automation components including pneumatics, solenoids, relays, timers, counters, encoders and electronics.

Our range of pneumatics include manual, mechanical, electrical and pneumatic valves, cylinders, check and flow control components, visual indicators, precision regulators, rotary actuators, pneumatic timers and counters, and small brass fittings. Many of our products are available with ATEX certification.

Solenoids are available in rotary, linear or holding types with many variations including, push and/or pull, bi-stable, rotary two directional with flying leads or DIN plug connectivity. Special versions can be produced or standard versions just adapted to suit your specific bespoke requirements should you not find exactly what you are looking for, please ask for further information.

The relay range offers a package of industrial and PCB components typically used in applications such as telecommunication, lighting, automotive, white goods and general automation control and machinery.

We supply standard incremental or absolute encoders with Fieldbus connectivity for measuring angular position, speed or frequency to high tech precision components that translate rotational movement into position, speed and direction.

We specialise in pneumatic and electronic timers and counters. Applications include totalising, batch and ratio counting, frequency, speed, timing and angular positioning. Our extensive knowledge and experience have taught us that users appreciate assistance with selection, set-up, calibration and operation of timers, counters and controllers, and we are always happy to assist you.

To help you quickly find the product or information that interests you we have created several specialist websites, listed on the main navigation menu, these include encoders, solenoids, timers, counters and solenoids. Choose the product of interest and visit the corresponding website for further information.

If you require any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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