Impulse Automation is proud to be working in partnership with Hengstler, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of rotary incremental and absolute encoders. Hengstler incremental and absolute encoders are widely used in all fields of industrial and process automation including motor feedback, food and packaging machinery, elevators or escalators, conveyor systems, robotics, cranes, turning, bending or stamping machines, also off-shore as well as many other applications.

Shaft encoders can be anything from simple devices for measuring angular position, speed or frequency to high tech precision components that translate rotational movement into position, speed and direction using multi-bit technology with Fieldbus interfaces.

Our dedicated encoder website www.theencodercompany.co.uk is an internet marketing name of Impulse Automation Limited. Here you can find every type of rotary shaft encoder from small incremental to high-resolution absolute encoders. Our range includes heavy duty, stainless steel or ATEX certified industrial encoders. Interfaces include BiSS/SSI, Profibus, DeviceNet, Interbus, SUCOnet and CANopen.

You may be looking for a fast replacement of an existing Hengstler encoder, for technical support with machine building, or help with new incremental or absolute rotary encoder applications.

No matter if it is one piece, hundreds or thousands we value your business.

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