Solenoids is an internet marketing name of Impulse Automation Limited.

Here you will find our complete range of solenoids including rotary, linear, holding, bi-stable and latching for automation, vending machines, medical, aviation, railway and automotive applications, amongst others.

Examples of recent applications include door locks, oxygen mask release mechanisms, gearbox interlocks, laser positioning, parking ticket machines, card readers, conveyor feeds, sorters and diverters.

Solenoids can be of a varied size and design each offering a unique functionality whether force, duty cycle, voltage or simply where a small diameter body size is required. These can all be sourced from Impulse Automation.

We offer linear solenoids from 2mm up to 40mm stroke, choose open or enclosed frames, thrust and/or pull type with flying leads or DIN plug connectors. Bi-stable and latching versions can be found here.

Our range also includes rotary and two directional rotary solenoids with angular travel between 25° to 95° each offering varied torque values with flying leads or DIN plug connections.

Included in our range are holding solenoids from 20mm to 70mm diameter, these can generate up to 1,400N of holding force. They are particularly useful for simple door locking mechanisms where mechanical interlocks are not required.

Here at Impulse Automation, we are interested in all your requirements whether it is a one-off for testing, small batch production or volumes in excess of 100,000 pieces. You can speak directly to our experienced engineers who will be pleased to guide you through product selection.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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