The NorthStar HD20 high-performance heavy-duty incremental rotary encoder, defined by its compact yet robust design, is capable of operating at extreme temperatures. The NorthStar HD20 rotary encoder is able to withstand excessive radial and axial loading as well.

The HD20 encoder, due to its unbreakable disk can tolerate applications where considerable shock and vibration can occur. The unique double-sealed labyrinth housing prevents the ingress of contaminants, designed to exceed IP67 protection class ratings.

The HD20 encoder housing manufactured from hard anodised aluminium with an optional nickel finish. Stainless steel housing that is particularly suited to applications where high resistance to corrosion or high-pressure washdown environments such as food preparation areas is also available.

Mounting options are a square flange. Encoder resolutions up to 3,600 pulses are available with a shaft diameter size of 9.52mm (3/8”) and 10mm, and shaft protection class ratings of IP67.

Optional cable outlets and connectors are radial. An optional double connector provides simultaneous electrically isolated outputs for applications that require two output signals to monitor speed and position from one encoder. The supply voltage is 5V to 26V DC; output signals are push-pull with or without complementary signals.

An intrinsically safe version of the HSD20 encoder is available, certified to ATEX EEx ia IIB T4 when used with an appropriate intrinsic safety barrier.

Value, quality and reliability are built into every HD20 encoder.

Part Numbers Show…

HD201-0024-42D2 | HD202-0010-0230 | HD202001002X001 | HD202-0010-02X001 | HD202-0050-02X001 | HD202-1000-42D1 | HD202-1000-42D2 | HD202-1000-42D4 | HD202-1000-42D5 | HD202-1000-42DH | HD202-1000-42DI | HD202-1000-42DK | HD202-1000-42DL | HD203-0200-4350 | HD203-0240-4350 | HD203-0256-02H2 | HD203-0360-42E3 | HD203-1000-02F2 | HD203-1024-4230 | HD203-1024-42F0 | HD203-1024-43F0 | HD203-1250-44F006 | HD203-2000-02G0 | HD203-3600-0352 | HD203-3600-42D0 | HD203-3600-42G2