HSD38 Extreme Heavy Duty Incremental Rotary Encoder

The NorthStar HSD38 extreme heavy-duty hub-shaft encoder is manufactured to endure the most volatile working conditions including, prolonged operation, extreme temperatures, excessive shock and vibration.

The HSD38 encoder, due to its high-resolution unbreakable disk can tolerate applications where considerable shock and vibration can occur. The unique double-sealed housing prevents the ingress of contaminants, designed to exceed IP66/IP67 protection class ratings.

The encoder features simple connectivity to the driveshaft by a front clamping ring. Optional spring fasteners are provided to secure the encoder to a flat surface to compensate radial or axial shaft misalignment.

Encoder resolutions up to 5,000 pulses are available with metric shaft diameter sizes of 6mm, 12.7mm, 15mm, 16mm, imperial shaft sizes of 1/2” and 3/4”, and shaft protection class ratings of up to IP67.

Cable outlets and connectors are radial. The supply voltage is 5V to 26V DC; output signals are push-pull with or without complementary signals.

Value, quality and reliability are built into every HSD38 encoder.

Part Numbers Show…

HSD38-0050-A4330M | HSD38-1024-620J00 | HSD38-1024-643J00 | HSD38-1024-84370D | HSD38-1024-A4370M | HSD38-1024-G4381D | HSD38-4000-644706