HSD44 Extreme Heavy Duty Incremental Rotary Encoder

The NorthStar HSD44 extreme heavy-duty hub-shaft incremental rotary encoder will never fatigue when operated in the harshest conditions. The NorthStar HSD44 is designed to withstand prolonged operation in applications where extreme temperatures, excessive shock and vibration continuously occur.

The HSD44 encoder, due to its high-resolution unbreakable stainless steel disk tolerates applications where considerable shock and vibration occur.

The housing is sealed to prevent the ingress of dust, oil, grease, liquids, vapour and mud, designed to exceed IP67 protection class ratings.

A huge sensor gap reduces the encoders sensitivity to shock, vibration and motor bearing wear; this enables the encoder to mount directly to the application by hex wrench without the need of spring couplings.

Cable outlets are radial. The supply voltage is 5V to 26V DC; output signals are push-pull with complementary signals.

Value, quality and reliability are built into every HSD44 encoder.

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