The Veeder-Root C628 series counter comes equipped with a large 5 digit bright green/red LED dual colour display. The display can be programmed to change colour upon reaching a preset value; this unique feature can be handy for highlighting an event from a distance.

The device is simple to set-up; soft-touch keys offer ease of operation. Features include decimal point positioning, scaling, NPN or PNP count input, high or low count input filters, remote reset, programming, and reset lockout.

Two separate input channels, A and B, can be used for directional counting; these inputs can also be used to accept a phased input from an encoder.

Relay outputs can be programmed independently of each other, as a timed event upon reaching a preset value (0.01 to 99.99 seconds) or latched until reset.

Both high and low voltage options come with auxiliary power supply connections should you require direct wiring of an encoder or sensor.

Tachometers - features include start-up suppression and programmable update time (sets the amount of time to show zero from the last input pulse, selectable 0.1 to 10 seconds).

Timers - a permanent input signal to the timing control terminal (level triggered) starts timing, timing options are:

  • Cumulative timing - signal removal stops timing, timing resumes when the input signal is re-applied.
  • Single timing - successive inputs to the control terminal will restart timing from zero or the preset value.

Ordering options include an analogue output board providing a linear output signal (4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, 2-10V and 1-5V DC) relative to the display value. An RS485 communications board provides further programming parameters.

Connections are made using screw terminals located to the rear of the counter, a spring clip that tightens against the panel secures the device to the panel cutout.


Totalising counter 702138-0001 72KB
Position indicator 702138-0002 75KB
Rate meter 702138-0003 79KB
Rate meter with totaliser 702138-0004 80KB
Elapsed time counter 702138-0005 71KB
Single preset counter 702138-0006 74KB
Dual preset counter 702138-0007 77KB
Batch counter 702138-0008 76KB

Part Numbers Show…

C62810000 | C62810002 | C628.10000 | C628.10002 | C628-10000 | C628-10002
C62820000 | C62820002 | C628.20000 | C628.20002 | C628-20000 | C628-20002 | C62821000 | C62821002 | C628.21000 | C628.21002 | C628-21000 | C628-21002
C62840000 | C62840002 | C628.40000 | C628.40002 | C628-40000 | C628-40002 | C62841000 | C62841002 | C628.41000 | C628.41002 | C628-41000 | C628-41002
C62850000 | C62850002 | C628.50000 | C628.50002 | C628-50000 | C628-50002 | C62851000 | C62851002 | C628.51000 | C628.51002 | C628-51000 | C628-51002
C62860000 | C62860002 | C628.60000 | C628.60002 | C628-60000 | C628-60002
C62870000 | C62870002 | C628.70000 | C628.70002 | C628-70000 | C628-70002
C62880000 | C62880002 | C628.80000 | C628.80002 | C628-80000 | C628-80002 | C62881000 | C62881002 | C628.81000 | C628.81002 | C628-81000 | C628-81002
C62890000 | C62890002 | C628.90000 | C628.90002 | C628-90000 | C628-90002 | C62891000 | C62891002 | C628.91000 | C628.91002 | C628-91000 | C628-91002