Hengstler Counters

We stock, supply and provide full technical support for all Hengstler timers and counters.

The Hengstler timer and counter range is one of the most comprehensive available in the UK, and the sheer number of variants is extensive.

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The range includes:

  • Timers, counters and process indicators.
  • Revolution, stroke and length counters.
  • Electronic, self-powered, mechanical, electromechanical and pneumatic options.
  • Many sizes and mounting options, including surface or panel mount.
  • Automatic reset, with or without reset functions including key reset or reset lockout.
  • Simple installation and set-up or fully programmable options.
  • Volt-free, AC or DC operating voltages.
  • Mechanical, LCD or LED displays with colour options.
  • Dual-line displays with visible preset.
  • 0, 1 or 2 presets.
  • High input frequencies up to 60 kHz.
  • Up to 8 digit single line or dual-line display.
  • ATEX II, category 1 & 2 pneumatic timers and counters.
  • Protection class ratings up to IP67.
  • Full range of accessories including mounting frames, covers, wheels and levers.

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