AC61 Stainless Steel Absolute Rotary Encoder with Profibus

Hengstler AC61 stainless steel absolute rotary encoders with Profibus technology (Process Field Bus) are used in many areas of industrial automation because it is exceptionally robust and corrosion-resistant.

The Hengstler AC61 absolute rotary encoder is built using high-grade stainless steel. It is suited to applications where high resistance to corrosion is required, for example, chemical areas, food production or marine applications.

Mounting options are a square flange and threaded fixing holes to the front and rear of the encoder, allowing for multiple mounting positions.

Resolutions of 14-bit single-turn and 12-bit multi-turn with shaft sizes of 9.52mm and 10mm with protection class ratings of IP67 are available.

The supply voltage is 10 to 30V DC. Bus covers with sealed cable exits are radial.

Encoders are RoHS-compliant, UL-approved, and CE-marked.

Part Numbers Show…

0565462 | AC61/0012EQ.72DPZ | 0573589 | AC61/0013EQ.72DPZ | 0573506 | AC61/0013EQ.76DPZ | 0567079 | AC61/0014EQ.72DPZ | 0573236 | AC61/0016EQ.72DPZ | 0566339 | AC61/1212EQ.72DPZ | 0568269 | AC61/1212EQ.76DPZ | 0566834 | AC61/1212EQ.7XDPZ:5846 | 0566342 | AC61/1213EQ.72DPZ | 0566846 | AC61/1213EQ.72DPZ:5775 | 0566374 | AC61/1214EQ.72DPZ | 0568592 | AC61/1216EQ.72DPZ