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In its simplest terms, a vibration generator is a device that converts electrical energy into a mechanical rhythmic vibratory motion used in conveyor systems and process technology.

An alternating current powers vibration generators. The resulting oscillating motion coincides with the alternating current frequency, providing harmonious linear or arc-shaped vibratory movement for gentle, steady and efficient material flow.

Vibration generators are compact yet robust by design, making them the perfect solution for applications in extreme environments.

Many industrial applications use vibrators to mix, sort, compact, position, or move material through automation to deliver optimum efficiency and performance.

Some examples of vibration generators are shaking or vibrating materials to ensure proper container dosage, product conveying within bowl feeders, vibratory feeders, or hopers, shaking particulate matter to separate sized materials, and removing air gaps or bubbles in container filling applications.

Here, we showcase the Kendrion oscillating product range. Impulse Automation Limited is an official authorised distribution partner for all Kendrion oscillating products, available ex-stock from the UK or with a short delivery lead time.