Pneumatic Counters

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Pneumatic counters count pulses of compressed air; each pulse is translated numerically and shown on a mechanical display.

There are two pneumatic counter types. One gives an output upon reaching a preset number, and this type of counter is a pneumatic preset counter. Others count input pulses only and do not provide a pneumatic output signal; these are totalising pneumatic counters.

Pneumatic preset counters come with a single or dual-line display. Single-line subtracting versions subtract the count pulse input from a preset value that reduces to zero. Dual-line adding versions accumulate the count pulse input on the upper row, with the initial preset value continuously visible on the lower row.

Preset adding and subtracting pneumatic counters can be ordered with a 3 or 5-digit display, 4mm push-in ports, or M5 threaded connections, and panel-mounted only.

Totalising counters with 4, 6 or 8-digit displays are available as panel or surface-mounted; they can be resettable or non-resettable.

As well as standard counting devices which are intrinsically safe, we offer ATEX fully certified, CE-marked pneumatic counting products that comply with the ATEX directive for use within Group I Category M2 and Group II Category 2, zones 1 and 21.