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Timers, counters and process control components convert incoming signals to a display readout. They can be used as a straightforward process display or signal other devices to control an event upon reaching a preset value.

Timed events are measured using time counters. Timed events are displayed on a mechanical figure wheel or a timing hand or can be viewed on an LCD.

Programmable time formats include hours, minutes and seconds; they can increment or decrease to a preset or totalise without a preset function.

Counters register pulsed input signals and translate them to a digital readout. Totalising counters accumulate a count value in one direction only (adding); they are generally non-scaleable and do not signal other devices. Preset counters come with at least one output, providing a signal to other devices on reaching a preset value.

Preset counters, in most cases, are bi-directional (adding and subtracting) and programmable and feature scaling, where incoming pulses are multiplied to compare the sensing device, measured material or speed, and the display readout.

Several counter types are included within this range, some with and some without a preset function.

Counters can be mechanical without power, electrically powered, or can be self-powered by a lithium battery.

This section includes mechanical, electrical and electronic timers or counters, process indicators, rate meters, revolution counters, stroke counters and length measurement devices.