Hengstler 633 totalising time counters are designed for quick DIN-rail attachment and are ideal for use in cabinets, control boxes and surface mounting. They are particularly suited to applications that require small dimensions, low noise and low power consumption.

A 7-digit display (99999.99h) comes as standard. No setup or programming is involved. Small mounting dimensions, low power consumption and maintenance-free operation, make this product ideal for many timing applications.

Supply voltages are 5V, 12V or 24V DC. Convenient screw terminals to the front of the counter allow quick device installation and swift replacement.

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0633531 | 0633532 | 0633533 | 0.633.531 | 0.633.532 | 0.633.533 | 0-633-531 | 0-633-532 | 0-633-533