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The word ‘pneumatic’ comes from the ancient Greek word ‘pneuma’, meaning ‘breath’. Today, it is used to collectively describe a group of components powered by compressed air or inert gasses.

A pneumatic compressor converts atmospheric air to energy; a tank stores the compressed air. Valves control airflow to other pneumatic valves, air motors, and cylinders, which deliver quick operating speeds at considerable force.

Pneumatics are preferred in industrial machine automation systems because pneumatic circuits are low maintenance and easy to construct and control.

Pneumatics are reliable, cost-effective, and seen as a safer alternative to electrical components. They are used in areas where vapour, gases, or clouds of dust are present, where explosions may occur.

Our extensive pneumatic product range includes components such as mechanical, manual, pneumatic, or electrical valves, timers, counters, rotary actuators, logic valves, flow devices, and accessories, all sourced from manufacturers renowned for their quality and innovative designs.

In addition to standard products, we can engineer customer-specific items and assemblies tailored to your requirements. Please call for further information.