Pneumatic pressure switches, designed for detecting the rise or fall in air pressure in pneumatic systems, are either adjustable or non-adjustable, suitable for pressure or vacuum applications.

They are often referred to as PE converters or PE switches. Pneumatic pressure switches are used in monitoring applications to sense changes in air pressure. They transfer these changes in air pressure to a set of electrical contacts, which are then used to signal other devices.

The non-adjustable miniature pressure switch is suitable for battery-operated timers or counters. It provides a simple, low-cost solution for various serviceable timing or counting applications. Typical examples include regular filter changing, servicing of air tools and diaphragm pumps.

Adjustable pressure switches include changeover contacts which make or break a circuit when reaching a set pressure; available setting ranges are 0.5 to 4 bar or 3 to 8 bar.

Our high-sensitivity pressure switch offers a setting range of 3 to 30 mbar, used with weak pressure or vacuum signals.

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