Kuhnke Mechanical Door Lock

The mechanical door-locking solenoid offers a quick and reliable solution for various locking applications requiring fast, frequent and secure locking.

Door locking solenoids, constructed of lightweight plastic and designed for quick plug-and-play integration, can achieve static holding forces of 1600N.

Applications include machine access, turnstiles, the security of high-value items, medical and disinfection equipment, chemical control, security at festivals, theme parks or events, steamers, ovens, commercial fridges, washing machines, dishwashers or dryers; the list is endless!

There are two types: monostable self-locking (SL) and bi-stable active locking (AL).

  • Monostable self-locking solenoids on closing a door will lock automatically without power. The internal microswitch detects the door shut and outputs a signal to identify a locked status.
  • Bi-stable active locking solenoids, lock and unlock status is performed by reversing the coil polarity. With the bi-stable solenoid in an unlocked state, the door is opened and closed without automatically locking. By changing the polarity of the solenoid coil, the device is ready for door locking; a pre-lock output signal identifies the pre-lock status. The door will lock on its next consecutive close; a second output signal identifies it as fully secure.

The lock mechanism can be quickly released by momentarily energising the device for 100ms or manually unlocking it using an emergency lever on the underside of the unit.

Mount the locking solenoid to a flat surface using the 6mm diameter through body holes or use the M5 female front face threads.

Both monostable and bi-stable door-locking solenoids accept a 6mm diameter bar.

The standard operating voltage is 24V DC. Other voltages or low-powered battery versions are also available, subject to minimum order quantities.

The protection class is IP44; the working temperature is up to 80°C.

Part Numbers Show…

SL | SL24VDC | SL 24VDC | SL24VDC.10%ED | SL 24VDC.10%ED | SL-24VDC.10%ED | SL.24VDC.10%ED
AL | AL24VDC | AL 24VDC | AL24VDC.10%ED | AL 24VDC.10%ED | AL-24VDC.10%ED | AL.24VDC.10%ED