Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) reinforces data protection, transparency, and lawfulness for the use of information.

Impulse Automation Limited, the “controller of your information,” takes data privacy seriously; we are committed to confidentiality and maintaining high respect for your information.

Information risk assessments make sure that data is kept safe. Policies and procedures ensure data is accurate, the information source is known, securely stored and located, the type of information we retain, and how it is processed, shared or destroyed.

Our privacy policy applies to products and services provided through Impulse Automation Limited. When we engage with third-party suppliers, we ensure any information collected or stored is subject to strict GDPR compliance regulations.

We gather and store information with a clearly defined customer/supplier relationship, our legitimate basis for holding and processing information. We keep specific information to enable us to enter into a contract with you and cannot do so without it. When you interact with us, we store personal and company data, for instance, when you fill out forms, order products or services, send emails, make enquiries, or request literature.

Personal information is never passed onto a third party without the company’s or individual’s express permission unless it is implied or necessitates a successful business transaction. An enquiry referral and shipping of goods where a name, address, telephone number, and email address are required to deliver ordered parts are legitimate uses of an individual’s information.

The transmission of personal data to governmental entities or authorities only occurs within the framework of legal regulations.

Hyperlinks - Our websites may contain hyperlinks to other Internet sites not bound by this privacy policy. We do not influence whether these operators observe data privacy regulations.

Website cookies and Analytics provided by Google - Using our websites, text files (known as Cookies) containing configuration information are placed on your computer to assist site functionality and determine user preference.

An IP address provides information and evaluates the use of our websites so that we can generate reports, ultimately improving the user experience. By placing cookies on your device, we do not collect personal information; all data is evaluated and assessed anonymously.

It is possible to opt out of being tracked and prevent using cookies by installing an add-on Google Analytics opt-out browser. This opt-out browser could affect site usability; please seek full advice before using this tool. Find information relating to Google’s privacy policy here:

Credit or debit cards - When you provide us with card details over the telephone, we enter these details directly into our payment portal. We never request card information in a written format, for example, by fax or email.

The validity, card number and security code are checked against card address information registered with the card provider to prevent fraud.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance protects businesses and their customers against payment card theft and fraud. SecurityMetrics is a leading provider of data security. We hold a valid compliance certificate to keep the data you entrust us with safe.

Telephone Systems - Although we do not record calls, Impulse Automation Limited can record calls on an impromptu basis. Like many organisations, this standard practice allows recording telephone calls for quality monitoring, training, compliance and security. Calls recorded are for internal use only.

Marketing – Important updates, product promotions or services that we offer are typically conveyed by email.

We understand that too many emails can be overwhelming or annoying, so only relevant and essential information for legitimate business use is communicated.

If you would like to opt out of receiving future emails, it is possible to unsubscribe using the link provided within the email, or if you prefer, you can call us directly.

Minors - should never transmit personal information without guardians’ consent, and although we do not intentionally collect data from minors, it may inadvertently happen. We encourage those with parental responsibility to educate children about distributing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and online safety.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and your rights - The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have published information regarding your rights. Follow this link,, to find out more. Impulse Automation is registered with the ICO and holds a valid certificate.

Some information is held by law or for regulatory requirements. We do not keep data for longer than necessary.

All data discarded is disposed of through secure methods.

Due to online innovation and development, privacy policies are often updated; we reserve the right to make any changes without consultation.

Please email or call us for further questions regarding our privacy policy and how we handle your information.