Kendrion Power Pinch Solenoid

The Kendrion Power Pinch solenoid is ideally suited for applications requiring high clamping forces for liquids passing through silicone or PVC tubing that must be measured, filled, or controlled reliably and precisely.

The Power Pinch solenoid achieves clamping forces up to 42N. It safely clamps silicone and hard PVC tubes from 4mm to 7mm in diameter (wall thickness 1mm to 1.5mm).

Unlike conventional valves, the internal mechanism is not susceptible to corrosion with highly aggressive mediums; the Power Pinch solenoid offers a complete separation of the component and working medium through the tube.

The Power Pinch solenoid is available in these options:

NO (Normally Open): The clamp is open when de-energised. Clamping is achieved by solenoid force.

NC (Normally Closed): The clamp is closed when de-energised. Clamping is achieved by spring force.

Customisation options include with or without a counterpart (tube guide cartridge) or with or without a manual release function.

Applications include:

  • Controlling blood flow for dialysis.
  • Controlling water flow in agricultural applications.
  • Controlling the flow in bottling lines.

Part numbers:

NO version (Normally Open) with a counterpart for tubing.

  • PPV7-NO-F-24VDC-100%ED

NC version (Normally Closed) without a counterpart for tubing.

  • PPV7-NC-CR-F-24VDC-100%ED

NC version (Normally Closed) with a counterpart for tubing and a manual release.

  • PPV7-NC-MO-F-24VDC-100%ED

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