Kendrion Locking Solenoids

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Kendrion locking solenoids are ideal for locking applications where safety, long life, reliability, and high static holding forces are essential.

Locking solenoids are ideal for doors or similar enclosures in safety, fire protection systems, ventilation, air-conditioning systems and property protection.

There are three types of locking solenoids. They are currentless locking, currentless unlocking and bi-stable versions.

  • Currentless locking - spring force keeps the bolt in an extended position. The energisation of the coil retracts the bolt.
  • Currentless unlocking - spring force keeps the bolt in a retracted position. Energisation of the coil extends the bolt.
  • Bi-stable - Spring force and a permanent magnet hold the solenoid in end stroke positions for high energy efficiency. Momentarily energising the coil initiates the movement of the device. Polarity reversal changes stroke position for reciprocating motion of the shaft.

Locking solenoids with sensors is available to determine the start and end-stroke positions for monitoring or positional feedback.

Emergency unlocking is possible should there be a requirement for the manual unlocking of the device.

The majority of applications call for standard solenoids without requiring significant engineering. Sometimes applications need a unique design, and we have the engineering experience to provide the solution.

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