Locking Solenoid - Single Stroke Compact LLV

Kendrion LLV compact locking solenoids are ideal for doors or similar enclosures in safety and fire protection systems, ventilation or air-conditioning systems and property protection.

A 16mm diameter, hardened steel locking bolt provides up to 1,500N high radial force for locking applications.

Order the LLV compact locking device as currentless locked or unlocked. Specify signal indicators to sense start or end stroke positions.

The stroke length is 12mm. Counter bearings to recess the bolt come with the device as standard. The standard voltages/duty cycle is 24V DC or 230V AC / 100%ED with cable gland connection.

Compact and economic dimensions (L) 175 x (W) 80 x (H) 57mm.


Kendrion Locking Line Solenoids LLV COMPACT 4.9MB

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LLV055001 | LLV055002 | LLV055003 | LLV055004