Locking Solenoid - Single Stroke LLV

Kendrion LLV locking solenoids are ideal for locking applications where safety, long life, reliability, and high static holding forces are essential.

Oversized diameter 10mm to 15mm non-magnetic stainless steel locking bolts provide security. Bolts are not threaded, designed to engage in a recess.

Shaft bellows for a higher degree of protection are standard.

There are two types of bolt-action solenoids: currentless locking and currentless unlocking.

  • Currentless locking (type CL) - spring force keeps the bolt in an extended position. The energisation of the coil retracts the bolt.
  • Currentless unlocking (type CU) - spring force keeps the bolt in a retracted position. The energisation of the coil extends the bolt.

LLV locking solenoids are provided with sensors to determine the start and end-stroke positions for positional feedback of the device.

Emergency unlocking of the device is possible. See ordering information.

Solenoid sizes from (L) 121 x (W) 40 x (H) 40mm up to (L) 204 x (W) 80 x (H) 60mm with stroke lengths from 8mm up to 15mm can be ordered.

The standard voltage/duty cycle is 24V DC / 100%ED with a plug connection.

Part Numbers Show…

LLV040001 | LLV040002 | LLV050060 | LLV050058 | LLV050070 | LLV050081 | LLV050080 | LLV060076