Kuhnke Motorised Door Lock

The motorised driven door lock offers a quick and reliable solution for various locking applications. Intelligent door control is necessary to safely vent hot air or vapour, to protect from burning or scolding.

The motorised door lock is compact and designed for quick plug-and-play integration.

The door lock is secured to the application using the body holes provided; a sub-D interface includes sensor signals and power to the motor drive.

The door latches in a locked home position when closed (pre-locked stage). The door cannot be opened.

Sensors recognise the home position (pre-locked stage); the locking motor pulls the door closed, providing up to 400N of force to the door seals, and sensors verify a locked status.

On finishing a process, the door will unlock; this takes 4 seconds, and the controlled vapour or hot gas venting occurs within a predefined time.

After 1.5 seconds, the door unlatches; this is the unlocked position; the operative can now open the door fully and safely.

Manual device unlocking is possible with the emergency opener.

The standard operating voltage is 24V DC; power consumption is 19 W.

Operating temperature is 0°C to 80°C.


HS7722 door lock instruction manual DOC-Nr-M853_EN 656KB
HS7722 door lock drawing DOC-Nr-10262247 297KB
192417 sub-d connecting cable drawing DOC-Nr-10263664 2.2MB
192722 bolt drawing DOC-Nr-10265062 71KB

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