A characterised feature of this type of valve is a hardened, cut stainless steel spool and sleeve that is mated together as part of the machining process to create a precision fit.

A light lubricating oil allows the stainless steel spool to slide effortlessly within its sleeve liner; there are no seals; a mechanical life expectancy averaging 100 million cycles is therefore possible.

Valves are highly reliable when used within clean environments; suited for use in medical, dentistry and laboratory equipment.

Several operator types are available for the Kuhnke 79 series valves: a plunger, push-button, roller lever, roller-ball, whisker, air-jet detector, pulse shaper, amplification, and air pilot operated or solenoid controlled options.

Air Jet detector valves for contact sensing of parts and tools are often used to sense the most delicate components in machine automation processes.

A jet of air sent from a nozzle detects the presence of moving parts. As the air stream is interrupted, back pressure causes the valve to operate quickly.

Amplifier valves are used to amplify weak signals within pneumatic systems.

A large diaphragm membrane allows incoming weak signals of between 5-100 mbar to be detected. The main valve is connected to a high pressure, upscaling the incoming weak signal, which can then be used to signal other devices effectively.

The pulse shaper valve converts an air input into a single pulse signal.

Upon applying air to the input port, the pulse shaper valve will give a single pulsed output; the typical pulse duration is between 80-140ms. To lengthen the pulse, increase the volume at port 12. Remove the signal from the input port to reset the pulse shaper valve.

Pulse shaper valves are handy for providing pulses to counters, setting pneumatic valves or sequences, for example, the start-up of pneumatic systems.

Mechanically actuated valves are mounted through a 12mm drilled hole and secured using the fixing nut provided. They can also be attached to a flat panel surface using the through-body holes provided.

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