Roller Lever Valves

Pneumatic roller lever valves are used to sense the position of parts mechanically within machine automation systems; a moving part passes over the roller and operates the valve.

A wheel rotates in the direction of the moving part reducing friction, this minimises wear and tear of both the pneumatic roller lever valve and the connecting component, for this reason, a preferred method of mechanical sensing.

Pneumatic roller lever valves sense moving machine parts, often used for detecting the stroke of pneumatic cylinders, as a limit switch for door or barrier closure, or used to identify the correct placement of components before machine operation.

Roller valves are available as a 2, 3 or 5-way valve configuration with one-way or two-way roller function and G1/8 threaded connection ports.

We offer an ATEX fully certified, CE marked pneumatic roller valves that comply with the ATEX directive for use within Group II category 2, zones 1 and 21.