Flow Control and Logic Valves - Stainless Steel

Flow control and logic valves are used within pneumatic systems to manipulate air signals to control other pneumatic devices, for example, the speed and operation of a pneumatic cylinder.

Quick exhaust valves expel compressed air quickly into the atmosphere; this is necessary where restricting air through pneumatic valves and tubing would otherwise cause equipment to underperform.

Directional flow control valves control the directional speed of pneumatic cylinders; they can control the flow in a single direction or bi-directionally. Within this section, we show in-line or cylinder-mounted versions.

Non-return valves allow air to pass in one direction only; they are particularly useful for preventing the exhausting of reservoir air on system failure.

Ball valves shut off mains air to a system entirely or can isolate areas of equipment to prevent operation. They are hand lever operated; when in line with the valve body, the lever denotes an open valve.

Part Numbers Show…

66070-18-00 | 66070-14-00
66085-18-00 | 66085-14-00 | 66085-13-00 | 66085-12-00
66062-18-00 | 66062-14-00 | 66062-13-00 | 66062-12-00
66050-18-00 | 66050-14-00 | 66050-13-00 | 66050-12-00
66300-18-00 | 66300-14-00