The presence of a magnetic field actuates the pneumatic proximity sensor, typically used for detecting pneumatic cylinder intermediate or end stroke positions but also used for the contactless sensing of iron (Fe) parts within similar applications.

The pneumatic proximity sensor is essentially a 3-way normally closed valve that generates an output signal when an opposing magnetic field or ferrous material is within sensing distance of the device.

Three switching directions are possible up to a maximum distance of 3.1 ± 1mm at 6 bar; you can determine the operating range and hysteresis of the pneumatic proximity sensor for other directions by experiment.

The active switching surface of the pneumatic proximity sensor is marked with a white dot to assist with the setup and successful operation of the device. A positive switched output is identifiable via a blue pop-up indicator on top of the switch.

The underside of the proximity sensor is profiled and designed to fit 8mm to 100mm diameter round cylinders. The minimum flux density on the face of the proximity sensor must be at least 7 mT (millitesla).

Tensioning straps are used to secure the switch to cylinders, or additionally, use the M4 thread passing through the body of the proximity switch should your application require alternative mounting.

The pressure rating of the device is 2 to 6 bar; we recommend oil-free, clean, dry air filtered to 5 microns.

A small piece of foam is provided with each proximity switch; this should be placed on the underside of the sensor to prevent unwanted ferrous materials from triggering the device.

We offer an ATEX certified CE marked proximity switch that complies with the ATEX directive for use within Group I Category M2 and Group II Category 2, zones 1 and 21.

Pneumatic proximity sensors are a popular industry product usually available from stock. We offer direct replacements for all other major brands. Please ask for further information.

Find ATEX declaration of conformity certificates and operating instructions here.

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