A characterised feature of this type of valve is a hardened, cut stainless steel spool and sleeve that is mated together as part of the machining process to create a precision fit.

A light lubricating oil allows the stainless steel spool to slide effortlessly within its sleeve liner; there are no seals; a mechanical life expectancy averaging 100 million cycles is therefore possible.

Valves are highly reliable when used within clean environments; suited for use in medical, dentistry and laboratory equipment.

84 series valves are manifold mounting only, available as air pilot or solenoid control.


Air pilot control J1027 211KB
Solenoid control S1008 152KB
Subplate M1011 194KB

Part Numbers Show…

84.212 | 84.214 | 84212 | 84214
84.240.01 | 84.240.02 | 84.244.01 | 84.244.02 | 8424001 | 8424002 | 8424401 | 8424402
84.420.01 | 8442001