Hengstler Colibri 490 contactless counters use a drive mechanism that generates a count value when an opposing magnetic field or ferrous material is within sensing distance.

Choose between a 6 or 7-digit display with a north or south-pole magnetic actuating polarity or a counter with an internal magnet that senses the presence of iron (Fe) parts.

Install the counter directly to a pneumatic cylinder using hose clamps or secure the device to a flat surface using one of the optional mounting brackets.

With a strong magnetic field, any switching direction is possible up to a distance of 50mm.

Colibri counters are maintenance-free and non-scaleable, and non-resettable for lifetime monitoring applications. No programming is required; the pulse duty factor is 1:1 for simple setup and operation.

The 490 Colibri counter has excellent ingress protection, rated IP65. Dirt, dust and moisture cannot damage this totalising counter even when washed down with water jets, making the Colibri counter highly versatile to many non-contact sensing applications.


490 series datasheet TTCC094 1.3MB

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