250 Preset Revolution, Length or Stroke Counter

Hengstler 250 series mechanical counters provide accurate recording for various revolution, length measuring or stroke counting applications where processes require an electrical output upon reaching a preset value.

Revolution and length counters are suited for continuous rotary movement and count bi-directionally. Stroke counters are for reciprocating motion within a limited degree of rotation. An internal spring returns the shaft to a start position. They accumulate a count value in one direction only.

The Hengstler revolution, length and stroke counter has a large 5-digit resettable display and a 7mm double output shaft.

There are two types of shaft rotation, either BZ or BW.

  • BZ shaft rotation, viewing the front display, the top of the rotary shaft is coming towards the observer.

  • BW shaft rotation, viewing the front display, the top of the rotary shaft is going away from the observer.

Choose between a stroke or revolution counter (99999) or a length measuring counter ( 99999 m or 9999.9 m/dm). Transmission ratios are 1:1, 2:1 or 1:5, depending upon the version selected.

A button, secured to prevent accidental operation, is used to reset the counter or with the preset push buttons to set the predetermined count value.

To set the predetermined value, unlock the reset button by pressing a red spring-loaded safety disc, then hold the reset button down. Press the preset buttons accordingly while the reset button is held down until you reach the desired preset number.

The counter subtracts from a preset value to zero and releases an SPDT contact (Max. load 1A at 250V) upon passing 00000 to 99999; the signal remains on until reset.

Strike levers for the stroke counters, measuring wheels for revolution and length counters are purchased separately.


250 series datasheet TTCC250 1.2MB
Measuring wheels TTCC080 828KB

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