Hengstler Tico 734 counters set the benchmark for quality and are truly versatile products. The Tico 734 range comprises totalising and preset counters, tachometers, position indicators and time counters, designed for simple installation and ease of programming for applications that require fuss-free cumulative counting, timing or speed feedback.

There are ten variants with up to 8 digits (LCD) display, all self-powered by a lithium battery eliminating the requirement for external power.

Two batteries (Type CR 1/2AA 3V - Hengstler part number E3533.355) can be installed to achieve up to 10-year life. “Lo BAT” flashes two weeks before the end of battery life. Replacing one lithium battery, one at a time, retains the count value for ongoing lifetime monitoring applications.

Should the counter be sited with poor visibility, backlighting comes as standard. Connect 10V to 28V DC power to the backlighting terminal to illuminate the display.

Additional option modules, ordered separately, allow for an AC power supply with auxiliary sensor power, high voltage inputs, and a changeover relay output option. Please refer to each type for module compatibility.

Counter and rate meter options include negative or positive edge-triggered inputs with low count (30Hz) or high count (10kHz) input speeds. Time counters achieve a timing function with a permanent connection to the start terminal. A bridge terminal (programmable versions only) enables the programming of the device. Removing the bridge wire ensures the product’s security so that scaling inputs cannot be accidentally changed.

Reset is achieved by momentarily connecting 0V and the reset terminal or pressing the front reset button. Alternatively, the front reset button can be disabled with a permanent bridge wire to 0V and the keylock terminal or can be programmed redundant to prevent tampering. Please refer to each model for reset options.

Connections are made using screw terminals located at the rear of the counter, and a spring clip that tightens against the panel secures the device to the panel cutout.

Battery-powered models can be used with a P/E switch to convert pneumatic pulses or a continuous air signal to a digital readout, for example, filter changing, air tool operation, pneumatic pumps or maintenance/service intervals.

Part Numbers Show…

0.734.000 | 0734000 | 0-734-000
0.734.001 | 0734001 | 0-734-001
0.734.002 | 0734002 | 0-734-002
0.734.003 | 0734003 | 0-734-003
0.734.004 | 0734004 | 0-734-004
0.734.005 | 0734005 | 0-734-005
0.734.006 | 0734006 | 0-734-006
0.734.007 | 0734007 | 0-734-007
0.734.008 | 0734008 | 0-734-008
0.734.009 | 0734009 | 0-734-009