AC61 Stainless Steel Absolute Rotary Encoder with PROFINET

Hengstler AC61 stainless steel absolute rotary encoders developed with PROFINET (Process Field Net) technology are a fieldbus protocol that delivers exceptional high-speed real-time processing of data and status information of machine automation equipment.

The Hengstler AC61 absolute rotary encoder is built using high-grade stainless steel. It is exceptionally robust and suited to applications where high resistance to corrosion is required, for example, chemical areas, food production or marine applications.

Mounting options are a square flange and threaded fixing holes to the front and rear of the encoder, allowing for multiple mounting positions.

Resolutions of 22-bit single-turn and 12-bit multi-turn with shaft sizes of 9.52mm and 10mm with protection class ratings of IP67 are available.

The supply voltage is 7 to 30V DC. The bus covers with M12 connectors are radial.

Encoders are RoHS-compliant, UL-approved, and CE-marked.

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