Hengstler AC58 absolute rotary encoders developed with PROFINET (Process Field Net) technology is a fieldbus protocol that delivers exceptional high-speed real-time processing of data and status information of machine automation equipment.

The Hengstler PROFINET absolute rotary encoder has standard overall dimensions, including shaft and thread sizing, to achieve complete interchangeability with all other manufacturers.

Mounting options include synchro flange, spring tether, clamping flange, or square flange with high precision resolutions up to 22-bit single-turn and 12-bit multi-turn. Shaft sizes are 6mm, 8mm, 9.52mm, 10mm and 12mm and hub-shaft sizes of 9.52mm, 10mm, 12mm, 12.7mm and 14mm with protection class ratings of up to IP67.

The supply voltage is 7 to 30V DC. Bus covers are radial with M12 connectors.

Encoders are RoHS-compliant, UL-approved, and CE-marked.

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