Hengstler RI58-D incremental encoders are an excellent and reliable choice for many areas of industrial automation where there is a requirement to convert shaft rotation to measurement or to monitor speed.

The RI58-D hollow shaft is secured to the drive shaft using a clamping ring or a shaft set screw.

The flange of the encoder is not fixed rigidly to a surface. A cylindrical pin, also known as a stator coupling, is used as a support to prevent rotation of the encoder housing and compensate for axial and radial shaft misalignment without adversely affecting the encoder’s accuracy.

Shaft designs include a hollow shaft with a front or rear mounting ring or a blind hub shaft secured onto the drive shaft using an M4 threaded set screw. Resolutions up to 5,000 pulses with bore diameter sizes of 10mm, 12mm and 14mm and shaft protection class ratings of up to IP64 are possible.

Cable outlets are radial only; the standard cable length is 1.5 metres. Producing the RI58-D encoder with longer cable lengths and connectors is possible.

The supply voltage is 5V or 10 to 30V DC. Output signals are push-pull with or without complementary signals or RS422 with an optional alarm or sense function.

Encoders are RoHS-compliant, UL-approved, and CE-marked.

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