Kuhnke Industrial Relays

Kuhnke has manufactured relays since 1948; in 2004, the relay division was sold.

The range was used extensively in medical, railway, power generating applications and industries such as printing, textiles and general machine automation.

Almost all Kuhnke relay products were discontinued, re-branded, replaced or consolidated after the Kuhnke relay division was sold in 2004.

Although many Kuhnke relays are no longer available, Impulse Automation is in a unique position to be able to offer some of the older Kuhnke relays on a replacement basis.

Only products still produced are shown here. We hold stock in our warehouse of other discontinued products, for example, UF, 114, 171 types available on a first-come-first-served basis. Click here for obsolete relays.

To assist with cross-referencing and the re-engineering of obsolete parts, we’ve included the complete Kuhnke relay catalogue for download.


IA4 industrial relays IA Relays 731KB
105 contactor relays 105 Relays 677KB
Complete relay catalogue Full Catalogue 7.7MB

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