Holding Solenoids - Compact Design

Holding solenoids are solenoids without moving parts; they attract ferromagnetic material holding it firmly in place with a strong magnetic field when powered.

Holding solenoids are suited to applications requiring a fast repetitive operation, eliminating wear and tear that would cause other mechanically operated devices to fail.

They are used for manipulating items in place to ensure correct location, on conveyor lines, or for pick and place machines that require a quick, reliable and robust response upon signalling.

Compact by design, they are often used within security or safety applications, for example, door-holding or entry systems.

There are seven body sizes; the largest achieves up to 1,400N of holding force.

Standard voltage is 24V DC, 100% ED rated with flying leads. Other voltages are available on request.


Holding solenoids 20mm to 70mm diameter HT Solenoids 1.2MB

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HT-D20 | HT-D25 | HT-D30 | HT-D40 | HT-D50 | HT-D55 | HT-D70 | HTD20 | HTD25 | HTD30 | HTD40 | HTD50 | HTD55 | HTD70