634 - 635 Mini Totalising Counter

The Hengstler 634 - 635 miniature totalising counter is particularly suited to applications that require small dimensions and low power consumption, they are ideal for small apparatus and suitable for panel attachment or printed circuit board mounting.

Choose between an AC powered 6 digit panel mount display or a DC powered 6 or 7 digit display; options also include mounting, display orientation and connection types for DC powered versions.

These counters are non-scaleable, no programming is required, the pulse duty factor is 1:1 for simple setup and operation.

The 634 series counter has excellent immunity against magnetic interference, and the 635 series counter has high impact resistance, both versions designed for maintenance-free operation up to 10 million cycles.

Supply voltages are 5V, 12V and 24V DC or 24V, 115V and 230V AC. The connection is either screw terminals, solder pins or wiring posts depending upon the version selected.