891 Totalising Time Counter

The Hengstler 891 time counter comes with a highly legible display for quick and easy viewing of elapsed time values. Choose from six optional installation frames that simplify installation and provide a professional-looking finish.

No setup or programming is involved, small dimensions, convenient screw terminal connections and maintenance-free operation make this product an ideal choice for many elapsed timing applications.

Choose between an AC or DC powered time counter with a 7 digit display (99999.99h).

Mount the time counter directly to a panel cutout using the spring clip provided or choose from six mounting frames designed to fit many aperture sizes. Surface-mounted models can be attached to a DIN-rail, or screw-mounted to a flat surface.

Supply voltages are 12V up to 125V DC and 24V up to 230V AC (50Hz / 60Hz). Protection class ratings are IP66 front side; the terminals are IP20.


891 series datasheet TTCC077 1.4MB