Bi-stable Rotary Solenoid CDR030

The Kendrion CDR030 compact bi-stable rotary solenoid is powered momentarily and holds in currentless end positions on power removal. By reversing the electrical polarity of the coil, the rotary solenoid operates two-directional.

Bi-stable rotary solenoids are particularly useful for applications that require high energy efficiency, as opposed to conventional rotary solenoids, which require permanent power to hold end positions.

CDR030 bi-stable solenoids feature low-wear ball bearings to ensure superior performance, long service life and maintenance-free operation at a low cost.

Standard rotation is 90°, voltage 24V DC, 15%ED rated with flying leads and without sensors, part number CDR030.000001.

Customisation options include rotation angles between 20° and 150°, single or double-sided integrated hall effect sensors for detecting end positions, higher IP ratings, and end-stop dampers.

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