CB pneumatic cylinders are constructed using an extruded aluminium alloy tube. CB series cylinders do not feature end caps that incorporate nose seals, cushioning and connection ports which shorten the body length, and without endcaps, they are light and durable with a clean looking professional finish.

Deep threaded through-holes within the aluminium tube profile allow for the secure and rigid attachment of the pneumatic cylinder to a surface, used for applications where a high holding force requirement is necessary, such as clamping applications.

Bore diameters from 16mm to 100mm are available as single acting or double acting with optional through-rod, guided rod, tandem, or back-to-back cylinder designs.

Pneumatic cylinder rods can be female or male threaded; the internal piston can be magnetic or non-magnetic.

Standard seals are PUR/NBR. Viton seals can be fitted to the pneumatic cylinder to achieve higher temperate ratings.


Cylinder - Ø 16mm - 100mm SS001 509KB

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