V series pneumatic cylinders are double-acting; they range from 32mm to 320mm bore with a magnetic or non-magnetic piston.

V series pneumatic cylinders manufactured according to ISO 15552 standards meet European specifications, standardising overall cylinder dimensions and thread sizing to achieve interchangeability with all other manufacturers.

There are two types of cylinder profiles - an aluminium tube with internal tie-rods for bore sizes 32mm up to 200mm or a round aluminium tube with external tie-rods for 250mm and 320mm. Both designs offer extreme strength and durability.

Other options include stainless steel piston rods or Viton seals for higher temperature use up to +150°C.

V series pneumatic cylinders come with end-stroke cushioning as standard. Cushioning slows the piston rod down before it reaches its end-stroke in either direction; this reduces impact and shock and typically extends the life expectancy of the cylinder.

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