51 or ATEX 57 Series Pneumatic Reset Timer

Automatic reset timer modules are used alongside pneumatic timers to create continuous pneumatic pulsed output signals from 0.2 to 2 seconds; the pneumatic timer generates the ON delay timing that separates these pulsed outputs.

Automatic reset timers generate output signals that repeat while air is connected; removal of air stops and resets the circuit. The front rotary knob not only sets the desired output time but also resets the pneumatic ON delay timer when pulled.

Reset timers come with a moulded plastic clip for panel mounting, M5 threaded connection ports at the rear of the device.

Pneumatic reset timers are particularly useful for use with pneumatic vibrator systems, by periodically switching on and off, they can prevent line blockages of compacting material.

Reset timers are available with ATEX approval, suited for use in zones 1 and 21, category 2, product group IIG/IID and group I category M2 for mining applications.

Our range of reset modules are usually available from stock; we offer direct replacements for all other major brands, please ask for further information.

Find ATEX declaration of conformity certificates here.

Part Numbers Show… | 510203500 | 0.499.350 | 0499350 | PZVT-AUT | PZVTAUT | 0820215120 1.405.612 | 1.405.611 | 1.499.512 | 1405612 | 1405611 | 1499512
51.020.35.EX | 5702035EX | 0.499.735 | 0499735