Kuhnke 72 series micro pneumatic valves are available as a roller lever valve, a push button valve or an air-jet detector valve; they are miniature by design and handy for applications where space is limited.

Push-button and roller lever valves have a low actuation force of 1N. Typical flow rates of up to 95 l/min at 8 bar are possible. The actuating distance of the button is only 0.6mm at 8 bar.

Air-jet detector valves are designed to sense delicate components. A stream of air is sent from a nozzle. As an object touches the air nozzle, the flow is interrupted, causing back pressure, which operates the valve. The volume of tubing determines the actuation time.

The valve body is moulded polyamide plastic with integrated 4mm push-fit connectors. Mount the device using the two 3mm diameter holes in the valve body.

Part Numbers Show…

72.010 | 72.015 | 72010 | 72015
72.020 | 72.025 | 72020 | 72025
72.030 | 72030