Kendrion LLB bi-stable compact locking solenoids are ideal for mobile locking applications where low power requirements, safety, long life, reliability, and high static holding forces are essential.

The spring force and a permanent magnet hold the solenoid in end-stroke positions for high energy efficiency.

Energising the coil momentarily initiates the device’s movement. Polarity reversal changes the stroke position for the shaft’s reciprocating motion.

A customer-specific bolt can attach to the female thread of the device, which then engages into a recess.

The LLB solenoid is operated by a power supply or battery power. Its stroke length is 7mm. The standard voltage/duty cycle is 24V DC / 25%ED with flying lead connections.

Compact and economic dimensions (L) 71.5 x (W) 25 x (H) 28mm.

Ordering options:

LLB025.000002 - 9V DC, 25%ED without sensors

LLB025.000001 - 24V DC, 25%ED without sensors

LLB025.000003 - 24V DC, 25%ED with end stroke sensors

Part Numbers Show…

LLB025 | LLB 025