Linear Solenoid - Classic Line LCL-D

Kendrion classic line LCL-D series solenoids have a square-shaped closed frame body made from hardened precision steel. Wear-resistant maintenance-free bearings guide the armature on both sides of the solenoid for exceptional performance and long service life.

LCL-D classic line solenoids, on energisation of the coil, the shaft moves in a single direction. On de-energisation of the coil, the shaft moves freely. Order a spring set to mechanically return the shaft to a home position on de-energisation of the coil (excluding bellow-type solenoids).

The fully encapsulated coil provides maximum protection and more force than open-frame designs. Customise the solenoid for a higher degree of protection of IP54 with additional shaft bellow covers.

Kendrion LCL-D series classic line solenoids are male and female threaded for push and pull applications. Thread sizes are M4, M6, M8 and M10.

Solenoid sizes from (W) 30 x (H) 35 x (L) 45mm up to (W) 70 x (H) 80 x (L) 105mm with stroke lengths from 5mm up to 30mm can be ordered.

The standard voltage/duty cycle is 24V DC / 100%ED with a plug or flying lead connection. Other voltages or duty cycles, 5%ED, 25%ED and 40%ED, for increased force, are available on request.

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LCL030035 | LCL040050 | LCL048060 | LCL060070 | LCL070080