Linear Solenoid - High Power Line LHR / LHS

Kendrion high power line LHR and LHS solenoids have a compact cylindrical shaped body. The fully enclosed coil provides maximum protection and produces significantly more force than open frame designs.

Kendrion high power line LHS and LHR solenoids are equipped with a double shaft for push or pull applications.

LHS type solenoids, on energisation of the coil, the shaft moves in a single direction. On de-energisation of the coil, the shaft moves freely. A mechanical solution to return the shaft to its home position is required.

LHR type solenoids are reversible solenoids constructed using two separate coils housed within one enclosure providing fast two-directional linear force.

The shaft operates bi-directionally when the power to the respective solenoid coil terminals are alternated, providing a push and a pull function. On removing power to the solenoid, the shaft moves freely; it does not latch. See bistable solenoids for latching variants.

Solenoid diameters 40mm to 170mm (LHS) and 35mm to 135mm (LHR) with stroke lengths from 8mm to 50mm (LHS) and 7mm to 40mm (LHR) can be ordered.

The standard voltage is 24V DC with a plug connection. It is possible to operate a 24V DC solenoid using 230V AC / 50-60 Hz with a si-bridge rectifier.

Other duty cycles for increased force are available on request.


Kendrion High Power Line Solenoids LHS / LHR 1.9MB

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