Linear Solenoid 4000628 - Classic Line

The Kendrion classic line 4000628 type solenoid has a square-shaped closed frame body made from hardened steel. Wear-resistant maintenance-free bearings guide the armature on both sides of the solenoid for exceptional performance and long service life at low cost.

On the energisation of the coil, the shaft moves 10mm in a single direction. A rear externally mounted spring returns the shaft to its home position on coil de-energisation.

The 4000628 classic line solenoid is M4 male and female threaded for push and pull applications.

The standard voltage/duty cycle is 24V DC / 100%ED with spade terminal connections. Other duty cycles, 5%ED and 40%ED, for increased force are available on request.


Kendrion Classic Line Solenoids 4000628 4.5MB

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