PMT Series Pneumatic Timer

PMT pneumatic timers are surface mounted using a subplate, the subplate, ordered separately, provides multiple connection possibilities to either side and underside of the timer.

There are six ON delay timing options from 0.3 to 3 seconds up to 18 to 180 seconds.

There are few moving parts; there is no process display, the time remaining to output is not visible; it is a rugged product with excellent repeatability and suited to many arduous applications that demand reliability.

On applying pressure to the timing control port a vacuum within the timer is set, using atmospheric pressure, independent of line pressure, the timing sequence begins, on completion of the time preset the valve switches providing ON delay timing.

The timing mechanism and valve automatically reset after removal of pressure from the timing control signal port regardless of whether the time interval has elapsed or not.


Pneumatic Timer QY010 650KB