01320 / PEM Permanent Holding Magnet

Kendrion 01320 / PEM series permanent holding magnets have a compact round-shaped body made from hardened precision steel for maximum protection and performance.

The coil is fully potted with resin to prevent dust, oil, grease, liquids, vapour and mud ingress.

Permanent holding magnets consist of a permanent magnet to hold ferromagnetic workpieces. When energised, the permanent magnet neutralises, and the workpiece disengages.

As a result, these holding magnets are ideal where long holding periods are required and energised for short times only.

Permanent holding magnets are used as safety magnets in transportation devices as loads are held reliably even in a power failure situation.

There are twelve body sizes to choose from; the largest achieves up to 3,500N of holding force.

The maximum holding force is dependent on the material’s surface, the material thickness, and an air gap of 0mm.

The standard voltage/duty cycle is 24V DC / 15%, 25%, 100%ED with flying lead connections.

01320 versions are rear centrally female threaded. PEM versions have a rear central male threaded shaft for mounting the device.

Anchor plates are available, designed to achieve the optimum holding force for the corresponding sized holding magnet.

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01 32002B00 | 01 32003B00 | 01 32005B00 | 01 32007B00 | 01 32009B00 | 01 32010B00 | 01 32015B00 | 0132002B00 | 0132003B00 | 0132005B00 | 0132007B00 | 0132009B00 | 0132010B00 | 0132015B00 | PEM1213A | PEM1515A | PEM2020A | PEM2525A