Kendrion 10310 series electro-holding magnets have a rectangular-shaped body of hardened precision steel.

The coil is fully potted with resin to prevent dust, oil, grease, liquids, vapour and mud ingress.

In an energised state, electro-holding magnets hold ferromagnetic workpieces. When de-energised, the workpiece disengages. The holding system works with a low operating current and is maintenance-free.

There are nine bar lengths; the largest achieves up to 10,400N of holding force.

Holding forces depend on the associated parts, such as mating material, minimum material thickness and diameter, and zero air gap with a smooth surface.

The standard voltage/duty cycle is 24V DC / 100%ED with a screw connection gland orientated to the bottom or side of the electro-holding magnet.

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10 31001A1 | 10 31002A1 | 10 31003A1 | 10 31004A1 | 10 31005A1 | 10 31006A1 | 10 31007A00 | 10 31008A00 | 10 31009A00 | 1031001A1 | 1031002A1 | 1031003A1 | 1031004A1 | 1031005A1 | 1031006A1 | 1031007A00 | 1031008A00 | 1031009A00