Kendrion 10310 series electro holding magnets have a rectangular shaped body made from hardened precision steel for maximum protection and performance.

The coil is fully potted with resin to prevent dust, oil, grease, liquids, vapour and mud ingress.

In an energised state, electro holding magnets hold ferromagnetic workpieces. When de-energised, the workpiece disengages. The holding system works with a low operating current and is maintenance-free.

There are nine bar lengths to choose from; the largest achieves up to 10,400N of holding force.

The maximum holding force is dependent on the material’s surface, the material thickness, and an air gap of 0mm.

The standard voltage/duty cycle is 24V DC / 100%ED with a screw connection gland orientated to the bottom or side of the electro holding magnet.

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10 31001A1 | 10 31002A1 | 10 31003A1 | 10 31004A1 | 10 31005A1 | 10 31006A1 | 10 31007A00 | 10 31008A00 | 10 31009A00 | 1031001A1 | 1031002A1 | 1031003A1 | 1031004A1 | 1031005A1 | 1031006A1 | 1031007A00 | 1031008A00 | 1031009A00