Bi-stable Linear Solenoids - Open Frame

Bi-stable linear solenoids are powered momentarily; they latch in an end stroke position by a spring or a permanent magnet on the removal of power. By reversing the electrical polarity, the solenoid operates two-directional.

Bi-stable linear solenoids are particularly useful for applications with low energy consumption. For example, battery or solar-powered locking mechanisms are required.

An open-frame design ensures the solenoid is light yet robust, designed for long service life and maintenance-free operation, providing excellent performance at a low cost.

Standard voltages are 24VDC, 15% or 25% ED rated with flying lead connections.


2.5mm Push Type BI8 Solenoid 1.6MB
3mm Push / Pull Type BI13 Solenoid 1.2MB
4mm Push / Pull Type BI17 Solenoid 1.2MB
8mm Push / Pull Type BI34 Solenoid 1.2MB

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